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Testing Accessories

Our comprehensive testing accessories portfolio offers the right solution for every test task—whether specimen grips, extensometers, software, electronics or any other type of accessory. Based on ZwickRoell’s modular and well thought out machine design, customized retrofitting is possible any time— regardless of the generation of your current machine.

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Online accessories catalog: testing accessories

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Software for efficient data management: our testXpert Analytics tool

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Stay up to date with a software update/upgrade.

Based on both internal and external factors, such as the integration of new test standards or changes in Windows compatibility, it is important to keep your testing lab up to date. We offer individualized software services for flexible adaptations to your everyday testing needs. With our testXpert software, you have access to a user interface that features an easy to use, simple layout that allows you to quickly get your operators up to speed.

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Step one for a modernization: electronics upgrade

An upgrade of your electronics is the first step in modernizing your testing machine. By upgrading your measurement and control electronics you keep your testing processes in line with the latest technology and your old machine becomes comparable with a brand new version.

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Specimen grips for accurate test results

To obtain accurate test results and ensure reliable testing, the right specimen grip and corresponding test tool are essential. In our comprehensive testing accessories portfolio you will find the right specimen grip for any application—whether for tensile, compression, flexure, shear or cyclic tests.

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More precise results with ZwickRoell load cells

A load cell is prerequisite for accurate and reliable test results. The load cell measures the force as the specimen material is deformed or broken, while also characterizing the mechanical properties of the specimen. For optimal integration into your testing system, we offer our own, patented Xforce load cell series.

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Maximum safety for operator and machine

Safety is our highest priority. As your reliable partner, we offer safety-related accessories in the form of machine safety devices to ensure the highest level of protection for your employees. Our experienced retrofit experts are at your disposal.

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Extensometer for maximum measurement precision

One of our core competencies in materials testing is strain measurement. With our extensometers, both sensor-arm and non-contact versions, we ensure maximum measurement precision.

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Testing in the right ambient temperature

For the simulation of true application conditions, we offer a selection of environmental chambers covering a range of -80 °C to +360 °C, up to a high-temperature range of +2,200 °C.

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Testing machine automation solutions

Rising personnel costs, the lack of qualified laboratory staff and especially the availability of new, more cost-effective robot solutions are only a few of the incentives for switching from manual testing to an automated process.

The lightweight robot roboTest N for example, offers an economically feasible solution even for small series testing starting as low as 25 specimens per day. The space-saving and compact design allows it to be retrofitted to your existing testing machines.

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The test process starts with specimen preparation

Specimen preparation builds the foundation for every test. Within our comprehensive range of testing accessories you will find different solutions for the preparation and dimensional measurement of your specimens—whether plastics, metals or paper and cardboard.

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Flexible and simple integration of accessories for all materials testing machines

At ZwickRoell, quality and reliability means realizing our customers’ requirements—and we are able to achieve this through our flexible, well designed machines, the reliable test results we deliver and in the high quality standards that apply to all our testing machines and our wide range of accessories.

Accessories for materials testing machines: control electronics
Measurement and Control Electronics
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Accessories for materials testing machines: load cells
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Accessories for materials testing machines: temperature chambers and environmental chambers
Temperature & Environment
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Accessories for materials testing machines: specimen preparation
Specimen Preparation
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