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Condition Monitoring

The requirements for machine data are constantly increasing within the context of Industry 4.0. Condition Monitoring saves all machine-specific data in a local database on the machine PC. The data can be called up via the machine dashboard or via web browser.

The testing machine at a glance

The dashboard displays important messages and information about

  • The current machine status
  • The current maintenance notes
  • The currently connected sensors and accessories, such as load cells, extensometers, etc.

This information provides a high level of transparency about the testing machine and the accessories used

Advantages and features of Conditioning Monitoring

  • Easy access to machine-specific data via web browser
  • Transparency about the status of the testing machine, sensors, and accessories
  • Reliable test results due to perfect machine condition
  • Configurable electronic maintenance guide
  • Proactive planning of necessary maintenance

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