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Condition Monitoring

The requirements for machine data are constantly increasing within the context of Industry 4.0. Condition Monitoring saves all machine-specific data in a local database on the machine PC. The data can be called up via the machine dashboard or via web browser.

Safe and reliable test results are achieved with perfect machine condition.

With the machine overview feature you have a view of every available machine in the testing lab and the ability to access specific individual dashboards.

The testing machine at a glance

The dashboard displays important messages and information about

  • The current machine status
  • The current maintenance notes
  • The currently connected sensors and accessories, such as load cells, extensometers, etc.

This information provides a high level of transparency about the testing machine and the accessories used.

With the machine overview feature you have a view of every testing machine in your testing lab. Critical or upcoming events are signaled.

Advantages and features of Conditioning Monitoring

  • Easy access to machine-specific data via web browser
  • Maximum transparency on the condition of the testing machine, necessary maintenance, sensors and accessories
  • Electronic maintenance manual - configurable, traceable, predictive and exportable
  • Trends provide an overview of the usage behavior and stresses, and show irregularities
  • E-mail alert system / proactive information for critical machine conditions
  • Long-term trend analyses of the machine and sensor conditions
  • With the user management feature, various users can be created with different rights

Machine Status

Visualization of information and events through the Machine Status feature

  • Calibration
  • Overload conditions
  • Hours of operation
  • Test duration
  • Tests
  • Compression tests
  • Tensile tests
  • Average test time
  • Crosshead travel

General status information


  • Hours of operation - Operation of the testControl II electronics in hours
  • Test duration - Test duration in hours
  • Number of tests - Number of tests performed
  • Compression tests - Number of compression tests performed
  • Tensile tests - Number of tensile tests performed
  • Average test time - Test duration/number of tests in seconds
  • Crosshead travel - Travel distance of the crosshead in meters

Information about non-critical or upcoming events


  • Time remaining until the next calibration (more than 51 days)
  • No sensor overload conditions


  • Time remaining until the next calibration (50 to 11 days)

Information about critical or overdue events


  • Number of sensor overload conditions
  • Overdue calibration


Trend evaluation - overview of the usage behavior of the machine over a defined time period

Available long-term trends

  • Overload conditions
  • Test duration
  • Tests / compression tests / tensile tests
  • Crosshead travel
  • Total force (load cell sensor)

Electronic maintenance guide

With regular maintenance, the functionality of the testing machine is maintained and the safety for you and your machines is preserved.Wear on your machine is considerably minimized and downtimes are significantly reduced.

The electronic maintenance guide advises of regularly scheduled service and maintenance activities.This makes it easier to plan maintenance tasks and increases the utilization time (uptime) of the testing machine.The interval details are based on the requirements in the machine user guide.

Possible maintenance notifications:

  • Upcoming calibrations and number of load cell overloads
  • Inspection of load frame elements such as emergency stop buttons, air circulation at the electronics, lubrication of the lead screw, etc.
  • Condition and function of the safety shield; if necessary, change out the polycarbonate shield
  • Condition of extensometers and their knife edges (for contact extensometers)
  • Overdue calibration of the sensors

Individually customizable maintenance notifications

Maintenance intervals can be set individually, which helps optimize maintenance service. Maintenance tasks can be adapted according to

  • Shift schedule
  • Test task
  • Level of utilization
  • Environmental influences
  • Test material

Log entry

Note important events and record activities for:

  • Performed maintenance tasks
  • Replacement or exchange of parts

Accessories / Sensors

All relevant information regarding the accessories and sensors that are currently connected to the testing machine is visualized.Even all inactive sensors that were previously connected to the testing machine are displayed.

The type of accessory is easily recognized through pictograms:

Important sensor information at a glance

  • Serial No.
  • Item number
  • Measurement range
  • Nominal forces
  • Number of overloads
  • Upcoming or overdue calibrations
  • and much more

Active connected sensors are highlighted in bold font.Sensors not currently in use are displayed in light gray font.

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