Data Management with Testing Software testXpert

ZwickRoell sets the standards thanks to over 90 years' experience in materials testing combined with expertise gained from 15 years of Windows software programming. We developed our software for the Windows platform using state-of-the-art software technology and our extensive programming experience.

And we are still developing according to the new trends such as Data Management. Let us show you how ZwickRoell's testing software testXpert can support you in the future!

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  • 5 live demonstrations

Flexible Automated Testing Solutions for Syringes and Cartridges to ISO Standards

A wide range of different syringes are used in the medical and pharmaceutical industry – from single-use and pre-filled syringes with needlestick protection to multi-chamber syringes. Automation of the test sequence can be useful to achieve higher test volumes and to minimize operator influence. In this webinar, you will learn about different levels of ZwickRoell’s flexible automated testing solutions.

  • Presented by: Jochen Niederberger, Industry Management Medical & Pharmaceutical and Erik Berndt, Industry Management Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Date: October 6, 2020  
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Korean Webinar / 한국어 웨비나

  • 2020년 10월 20일, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. (KST)
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SW 1 testXpert storage

testXpert Storage, a new approach of data management

testXpert III offers a brand new feature which allow to save all data in the testXpert Storage and display them via a web browser. Join the live demonstration and learn about the possibility to store all test and machine data in parallel in the testXpert database Storage, as well about the service Condition Monitoring and Test Data Management. 

AS 1 flyer condition monitoring

One step into the future - Condition Monitoring keeps everything in view

The increasing networking and communication capability of plants and machinery in the context of Industry 4.0 has the potential for the recognition of errors, the optimization of production processes and for more extensive statistical evaluations. Even the condition of the machines themselves can be monitored to make gradual changes visible and prevent longterm errors. The new condition monitoring function in testXpert III transfers the current condition of testing machine, sensors and accessories to a database. It provides assistance to laboratory manager, increases the efficiency and the lifespan of the materials testing machine. 

Explore how condition monitoring works in a live demonstration of testXpert III.

WebinareMedizin6 neu

An In-depth Look at the Testing of Biomechanics & Orthopedics

An elderly population and advancements in technologies are drivers for future growth of the biomechanics and orthopedics market. Static and fatigue testing of biomechanics & orthopedics is crucial for developing new products and ensuring highest product quality. Within this webinar, you will learn about ZwickRoell’s ready-made testing solutions, with a special focus on hip implants.

  • Presented by: Jochen Niederberger, Industry Management Medical & Pharmaceutical and Johannes Künstler, Sales Manager for Fatigue Testing Machines and Special Machines
  • Date: October 20, 2020 
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testXpert Research - software for dynamic testing 

testXpert Research is the software platform for fatigue tests and other cyclic, dynamic, and quasi-static materials and component tests on dynamic ZwickRoell testing systems, which have been modernized with testControl II. The software platform uses the following three dynamic drive technologies: Servo-hydraulic testing systems, Magnetic resonance pulsators (Vibrophore) and Linear motor testing systems (LTMs).

Join us for a live software demonstration of testXpert Research. You will get a first impression of the operation of the program, from the basic settings to the graphical sequence editor.

  • Presented by: Mr. Robert Strehle and Mr. Tobias Jäger, ZwickRoell in Ulm (Germany)     
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SW 3 testXpert VTM

Virtual operation of testXpert III

With the Virtual Testing Machine (VTM) you can operate testXpert III without using a testing machine. In a live demonstration we will introduce the VTM in testXpert III and demonstrate in different test programs how to use it. At the end, all participants are able to utilize the Virtual Testing Machine for training purposes or to check their own defined test programs.