Software Services

testXpert III is the new generation of materials testing software, developed on the latest Microsoft Windows platform using state-of-the-art software technology. testXpert III is simple and flexible, user-friendly and powerful, accurate and cost-effective, intelligent and reliable.

The investments we make ensure our customers have access to the latest developments. 

Software Services

ZwickRoell sets the standard thanks to over 160 years' experience in materials testing combined with expertise gained from around 25 years of Windows software programming. We build on this experience by continuously developing testXpert and adapting it to existing market requirements. In the fast-moving world of measurement and testing technology it is vital to "stay on the ball."

Software to Try Out

New or modified test requirements often call for new software modules. You can easily and conveniently test our software through a temporary activation so you can become familiar with the functionality of the new test program prior to purchase. The release is provided by means of a release code which is issued to you electronically, making on-site installation by a service technician not necessary.

Software Maintenance

You can benefit from the continued development of testXpert through regular updates and upgrades.


Do you already have testXpert III and would now like to have the latest version? A version update opens up new possibilities regarding key functions, integration of new standards, compatibility with new operating systems, and much more.


Do you have a testing system which operates with testXpert or testXpert II and would now like to upgrade to testXpert III? Following upgrading, testing machines equipped with testControl and testControl II electronics have access to all the options offered by the latest versions of testXpert II testing software. For machines with DUPS/MOPS electronics a frozen version of testXpert II (V3.31) is available. Our experienced software engineers will be happy to assist you with an upgrade or update. They can also help you optimize your test programs.


Software Training Courses

We offer comprehensive training courses for our testXpert testing software. These training courses provide practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to work reliably and efficiently with the testing software for static testing systems.

Visit ZwickRoell USA Academy for further information on available courses.