Mechatronics / Electronics

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Checking the solder point on boards

A fully automatic testing system with a motorized X-Y table is used to determine the extrusion strength of soldered components. All testing machine sequences as well as the X-Y table testing positions are automatically controlled by testControl and testXpert. The operator "teaches" the testing position only once. In-person monitoring is not required for testing.

ZwickRoell solution: zwickiLine Z1.0

  • Motorized X-Y table
  • Integrated cutting disk
  • Fully automatic test-sequence

Function Testing on Electromagnetic Actuators

The force-stroke characteristic curve is checked when using proportional or switching magnets. The curve represents a function test on electromagnetic actuators and is usually the final test. The basic function properties of the actuators can be ascertained from the characteristic curve. The force-stroke characteristic and provides information as to whether the actuator is applying the required force inside its operating range at a fixed current level. The hysteresis provides information about friction resulting from the quality of the mechanical parts. 

The force-current characteristic curve is predominantly tested for proportional magnets and provides information as to whether the actuator is applying the required force inside a current range at a defined armature position. The ideal characteristic curve has a linear relationship between force and current around the operating point.


Tests on Cable Insulation

A special compression test is performed for testing the indention resistance of cable insulation according to automobile specifications. The cable is placed on a fixing and loaded with a defined blade. The electrical contact between the blade and the cable strand is measured and then assigned in the force-travel curve displayed by testXpert.
Wire insulation test