56 at a stroke - new dynamic spring testing system for Scherdel

The Scherdel Group is based in Marktredwitz, in the Oberfranken region of Germany, and is a leading supplier of springs to the automotive sector. The group's products cover a range including compression springs, valve springs and complete spring assemblies. The increasing importance of dynamic tests for quality control, in addition to static compression and tensile tests, means that the company will be using a ZwickRoell servo-hydraulic machine in future.

In-production determination of the maximum number of cycles to failure (service life) of highly stressed springs for the automotive sector was a core requirement for the new testing machine at Scherdel. The HC 25 Compact servo-hydraulic testing machine with temperature chamber will enable spring assemblies with different dimensions to be tested in future at a frequency of up to 20 Hz at 2E5 cycles The spring assemblies in question consist of up to 56 individual springs. After completion of the test a check is made to see if all springs are still intact. The tests are carried out on a defined number of components per batch as part of the quality assurance process.

The HC Compact (Fmax 25 kN) is a complete testing system, with an extremely small space requirement, the low-noise power-pack acting as a support base for the test frame. With a testing actuator mounted in the upper crosshead and a hard-chromed T-slotted platform, this testing machine is suitable for static and dynamic tests of all types up to 25 kN.. The built-in temperature chamber enables testing in a temperature range from -70 °C to + 250 °C.