ZwickRoell Delivers Tensile Testing Machine to Chinese Steel Manufacturer

Z330ES high-capacity testing machine
Z330ES high-capacity testing machine

To ensure they could perform tensile tests reliably and efficiently, the company opted for a tensile testing machine from ZwickRoell. ZwickRoell was able to provide an ideal solution with a Z330ES high-capacity testing machine (Fmax 330 kN) featuring a side test area. Key features at a glance:

  • Covers a large force range with only one machine without using any conversion parts, 200 N to 50 kN in the side test area and 5 kN to 330 kN in the main test area
  • Hydraulic parallel grips for large specimen diameters with high-strength jaw inserts
  • Automatic centering of the specimen and setting the gauge length via the laserXtens extensometer and option to use in both test areas
  • Maintenance-free drive with high positioning accuracy and control quality for strain-controlled tests to ISO 6892-1
  • Side test area with high-temperature furnace for hot tensile tests up to 1,600°C