Trust is Good, Control is Better—Testing Autoinjectors with ZwickRoell

A globally operating pharmaceutical company supports external partners in the development, manufacture and delivery of high-quality pharmaceutical products. Here, superior technologies in drug administration and production solutions are at the forefront. One of the company’s sites specializes in manufacturing of sterile, injectable drugs. For control of these highly sensitive injectors an experienced partner is of utmost importance—a partner like ZwickRoell.
ZwickRoell AllroundLine Autoinjector 1
ZwickRoell AllroundLine Autoinjector 2

An autoinjector is a medical instrument, which is used for single-dose administration of a particular drug. The medicine is preconditioned in the injector so that it can be easily and safely injected in case of an emergency. Since this is a matter concerning human health, it goes without saying that quality control of these autoinjectors is paramount.

Part of the quality control process is to determine proper function of the autoinjector. The force to remove the cap, the actuation force, measurement of injection time, injection depth and the dispensed volume, as well as the determination of blocking force of the needle shield are all parameters that must be tested. These tests help ensure that the autoinjector can be easily and efficiently used in case of an emergency. For many years, among other things, ZwickRoell has specialized in testing of such autoinjectors, so for the customer the decision to work with ZwickRoell was obvious.

Through very close collaboration with the customer, requirements were collected, interpreted and understood, which then resulted in a customized offer. The high-tech autoinjector testing machine is ideal for these requirements, as it performs sequential and automatic testing of all functions on the same specimen.

These tests can of course also be performed individually, but this requires a lot of resources and is time consuming and prone to errors. With this system, operator influence is reduced to loading the specimen into the testing machine—optimal repeatability is guaranteed.

The testing machine is equipped with a highly accurate Xforce load cell, a precise scale and an HD camera that can record the entire injection process. The system is completed with the testXpert III intelligent testing software, which provides reliable control in accordance with pharmaceutical industry requirements.

After construction of the machine was completed the customer was invited to ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany, for “live” acceptance of the new testing machine in view of the requirements, while at the same time receiving a comprehensive introduction of the machine and the testXpert III testing software. Following timely delivery, the installation and qualification of the machine were carried out at the customer site in accordance with the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

From day one of operation, autoinjectors have been tested with the leading autoinjector testing system from ZwickRoell. The customer is not only impressed by the easy handling and limited operator influence, but also the assured reliability of the test results.