Automotive testing: single and multi-channel test rigs with the world's smallest controller

The Control Cube servo-controller and Cubus testing software are ideal for retrofitting to existing servo-hydraulic testing systems, particularly for multiaxial applications. This solution is especially suitable for the automotive sector, for testing both components and complete vehicles.
Ford Australia FlexMAST Vehicle

The versatile Control Cube servo controller's uses range from effective single-channel control for routine component-testing to complex multi-channel applications, making it the perfect test platform for demanding servo-hydraulic durability-testing applications Control Cube’s numerous connection options seamlessly cover a broad spectrum of complex and multi-layered tests.

Extra measurement channels can easily be added or the controller expanded to a maximum of 32 control-channels. When confronted with frequently changing testing requirements, the Cubus software platform impresses with its outstanding versatility and highly user-friendly operating concept. The basic version, Cubuslight, is used at present for configuration of the test rig, including sensor calibration, servo-valve parameterization and setting control parameters, and can also be used for routine cyclic tests with sinusoidal, rectangular or triangular-wave signals.


For more complex applications, test programs such as Cubus Dura and the Cubus block program are available. The integrated graphical program editor enables easy implementation of complex sequences to suit individual requirements; definition of sub-sequences allows block element or loop nesting as required. Test elements available include simulation data, cyclic signals, ramp and dwell functions, together with a data-acquisition phase. Additional Cubus programs are available for static ramp tests or for simulation tests.