Protection from Falling Snow – Testing Rooftop Snow Retention Systems

In regions where there is a lot of snow, for example, the Alps, houses and buildings are typically equipped with snow retention systems to prevent rooftop avalanches. In order to determine the load-bearing capacity of these snow retention systems, one manufacturer turned to ZwickRoell's testing laboratory.
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The company Kling in Oberstdorf, Germany, started developing the first snow retention systems as early as the 1960s. Since then, these patented solutions have been installed thousands of times on houses and buildings in the Alps. To further optimize the system and mounting technology, Kling turned to the team of experts at ZwickRoell's testing laboratory.

Together they developed the right testing solution and then performed the tests on various combinations of materials and mounting options (screws and nails). The snow load that impacts the retention system was simulated using a materials testing machine. The snow retention system was able to withstand loads of up to 9 kN before the material and/or mounting material failed. "We are very pleased with the fast and reliable testing offered by ZwickRoell's testing laboratory.

In the future, Kling plans to have dynamic tests performed on fixed and sliding cleats to simulate external influences, such as wind and storms.