On the Right Track - ZwickRoell Delivers Testing System to Bombardier Transportation

Testing of spring systems

Rail transport is one of the safest modes of transport in the world. Train manufacturers must comply with strict safety requirements when designing locomotives, multiple-unit trains, and freight cars. This especially applies to railcar bodies and undercarriage structures. For function testing of various spring systems, Bombardier Transportation selected a testing machine from ZwickRoell. Bombardier Transportation specializes in the development and manufacture of rail technology for commuter and long-distance trains. In Germany and other EU countries, rail vehicles must be inspected after reaching the defined time allowance in the maintenance system for the respective model or the maximum kilometers traveled. This procedure is necessary to ensure operational safety.

During these regularly scheduled inspections, the spring systems are also inspected. For testing helical compression springs for rail vehicles for example, the determination of the vertical as well as the horizontal spring forces under vertical and horizontal loading is crucial. ZwickRoell has developed a special testing system for these testing purposes. It is based on an AllroundLine materials testing machine with Fmax 250 kN that is equipped with an additional electromechanical testing actuator (Fmax 30 kN) for applying horizontal forces.

A special six-component force measurement platform is installed in the machine, which enables the specific determination of the spring intersection points and the resulting force from the force components when loading the spring under compressive force.

Tests on steel rubber springs, rubber cone springs, and elastomer and rubber stops can also be performed with the testing system. An insertion device ensures that specimens up to 200 kg can be placed in the machine comfortably and conveniently.

Rubber stop