ZwickRoell aids composites research

The Saxony Textile Research Institute (STFI) is an affiliated institute of Chemnitz University of Technology (TU Chemnitz) and is involved in international research into textiles.. In addition to its research activities, STFI also provides a wide range of testing and certification services.
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One area of research is biaxial, triaxial and multiaxial knitted and woven fabrics as semi-finished products for fiber-reinforced plastics For this and for their professional services the STFI research team use a ZwickRoell AllroundLine testing machine.

The composites industry employs a multitude of different tests, requiring a wide range of fixtures and specimen grips. Requirements such as DAkkS accreditation, testing in various temperature ranges and high-precision, reproducible results are standard here.

To comply with all these requirements, STFI opted once again for a ZwickRoell materials testing machine. A high version of the 250 kN AllroundLine testing machine was specified, with testing chamber, hydraulic 'body over wedge' grips and a makroXtens extensometer. In addition various easily adaptable fixtures were supplied with the machine, including a flexure test kit for 3 and 4-point flexure tests and a hydraulic compression test kit (HCCF). Tests take place at temperatures from -50°C to +200°C.

STFI handles the entire production of test specimens itself; specimens are made of carbon fibers, glass fibers or basalt fibers. "With the new ZwickRoell testing machine we can provide optimum support and impetus to current and future developments in the field of composites," states Dipl. -Ing. Marian Hierhammer, Project Leader at STFI.