Reliable Test Results Delivered Faster – Austrian Aircraft Manufacturer Chooses ZwickRoell for Testing

Hardly any other industry has such high safety standards as those in aircraft construction. Before a material can be used in series production, numerous tests must be performed. Therefore, the Austrian aircraft manufacturer Diamond Aircraft opted for an innovative testing system from ZwickRoell.

Diamond Aircraft produces single and twin engine aircrafts as well as special mission aircrafts from composites in the Austrian city of Wiener Neustadt. Since its founding in the 1980s, the company has sold over 4,000 aircrafts worldwide. Aircrafts from Diamond are verifiably the safest in their class: their incredibly low accident rate of only approximately one sixth of the average accident rate in the general aviation industry is proof thereof (Source: Aviation Consumer January 2012).

At Diamond Aircraft, the stiffness and strength of newly developed fiber composites must be checked in a test series containing 5,000 individual specimens. This material data is read by simulation software to ensure the aircrafts are designed perfectly and reliably.

The company uses an AllroundLine testing machine with Fmax 150 kN and an integrated temperature chamber (- 80°C to + 250°C) in order to simulate ambient temperatures in flight operation exactly. Reliable test results are paramount to this machine. In addition to the low vibration design and optimal use of extensometers, it is especially vital to mention its precise temperature conditioning. The sophisticated air-feed system ensures extremely uniform temperature distribution. Precision control guarantees stable temperatures with no overshooting. Thanks to preconfigured control parameters the temperature is attained quickly and precisely. In conjunction with the ZwickRoell System Configuration Builder, specimen-specific control parameters can easily be loaded with the test program. The optional close-proximity temperature sensor enables temperature control at the critical sensor location, for optimum test results. For test series that contain 5,000 individual specimens, test duration is also a deciding factor. In addition to generally short heating periods, conditioning the specimens in the specimen magazine in the temperature chamber allows for significantly shorter test times. By using a ZwickRoell testing system instead of opting for a machine offered by competitors, the company has reduced its test times by approximately 20%.