Modernisation of Servo-hydraulic Testing Machines at EndoLab

Mechanical components used in the construction of testing machines are usually extremely robust and perform their duties quite satisfactorily over many years, even decades. One problem, however, is the fast ongoing development in the areas of control electronics and software. ZwickRoell, a leading global supplier of testing machines, provides modernisations not only for ZwickRoell machines, but also for machines from other manufacturers.
A typical example is the modernisation of two testing machines supplied by a third-party manufacturer that are used at EndoLab. The company is a well established testing laboratory and has been performing fatigue tests on medical components for over 25 years. In addition to hip, shoulder and ankle joint implants, testing is also performed on dental implants. Replicating chewing movements, these implants are exposed to considerable forces from different angles, and are subject to extremely high quality requirements, as is the case for all medical products.
For fatigue testing in accordance with ISO 14801, to determine the fatigue strength of artificial dental implants and prefabricated implant abutments the company uses servo-hydraulic testing machines. To modernise both third-party testing machines, ZwickRoell replaced the existing electronics with the Control Cube Servo-Controller.

Combined with the corresponding testing software Cubus, it is the ideal solution for new testing systems and for retrofitting existing servo-hydraulic testing systems with mult-axial applications. Impressive features of the Cubus software platform include outstanding versatility and an extremely user-friendly operating concept, especially important when faced with frequently changing testing requirements.

Corresponding testing programs are available from configuration of the test stand, to cyclic single stage tests and block diagrams, to advanced applications.

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