Boa Relies on ZwickRoell to Help Consumers Perform at Their Peak

Born in the Rocky Mountains in 2001, Boa® Technology became famous for its revolutionary performance fit system that transformed how snowboarders “dialed in” their boots. Today, the company helps consumers perform at their peak by delivering fit solutions featured in categories such as cycling, hiking/ trekking, golf, running, workwear and even medical bracing.

In order to ensure their products hold up to the robust durability standard of The Boa® Guarantee, Boa Technology relies on ZwickRoell. Geoff Gloceri, Lead Test Engineer, chose the LTM 5 electrodynamic test machine to perform strength testing of Boa’s materials, assemblies and solutions. His goal was to increase the company’s dynamic capacity testing to replicate actual loads.

“We needed a stand-alone solution that wouldn’t take up too much space with external pumps or cooling in our lab,” explains Gloceri. “And we wanted to partner with someone who offered great customer service. ZwickRoell was able to answer our questions quickly so we could get testing right away.”

The LTM is an electrodynamic testing machine with a drive based on linear motor technology. ZwickRoell’s newly developed patented drive concept makes the LTM a perfect fit for both dynamic and static materials and components testing. It is used in industries where oil-free and low-noise technology is needed, or for fatigue and durability tests on standard specimens made of plastics, fiber composites, and metals. For components testing, the LTM is equipped with a T-slotted plate that can be adapted to components and test fixtures quickly and easily.

In the future, Boa plans to increase throughput and sample sizes. In addition, Geoff and his team will focus on failure modes in the lab environment. This means expanding their testing lab so they can bring their fit solutions to the market faster.


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