Time to Tune Up Your Testing System?

In the world of materials testing, calibration is the analysis and adjustment of the precision and accuracy of a materials testing machine—much like a tune-up for your car at the body shop. It is a comparison between a known measurement, as defined by the standard, and the measurement achieved using your instrument. Regular calibrations of materials testing machines are essential for guaranteeing accurate results over the lifecycle of a machine.

“Regular calibrations are very important because they let customers know how their equipment is performing, which has a direct impact on test results,” explains Jesse Singleton, Technical Manager, ZwickRoell in North America. “An accredited calibration can ensure your machine is accurately testing materials at varying strengths.” 

It is also important to understand industry requirements when it comes to calibrations and their frequency. “Calibration intervals depend on the rules set by the standards that customers follow. They can also depend on internal quality standards,” says Jesse. “And many ZwickRoell customers have customers of their own who require them to test to ISO and/or ASTM standards, which is one more reason that a customer’s service provider should be accredited to calibrate according to these national and international standards.” 

“At ZwickRoell in North America we calibrate both tensile and compression machines, torsion/torque machines, impact testers, plastometers, and a variety of other material testing machines and instruments that have been manufactured by both ZwickRoell and other companies,” says Jesse. Contact info@zwickusa.com to set up your regular calibration schedule.

Spotlight on: Jesse Singleton, Technical Manager of the ZwickRoell North America Service Department.

The ZwickRoell Service Department has been rapidly growing recently with more Field Service Engineers and Calibration Technicians being added to better serve our customers. To coordinate all of the service jobs and calibration gear, Jesse Singleton works tirelessly to ensure the service department keeps running smoothly. Jesse has worked in the North American headquarters of ZwickRoell for nearly 5 years. His career at ZwickRoell USA has included work as a Field Service Engineer, a Help Desk Engineer, and current title of Technical Manager of the Service Department. His current duties include schedule coordinating, calibration trainings, and management of calibration gear.

As an employee of ZwickRoell, Jesse has travelled throughout the country visiting customers, though his favorite place to travel has been ZwickRoell’s headquarters in Ulm, Germany. To better get to know Jesse and understand the importance of his role at ZwickRoell USA we’ve asked a few questions.

  • What is your favorite thing about your job? I can’t pick one thing, because there are a number of things I enjoy about my job.
  • What is the biggest challenge in your position? One of the biggest challenges in my position are the many hats that have to be worn. I’m constantly changing gears and switching subjects.
  • What do you hope to see happen at ZwickRoell in the future? I hope to see the new building finished soon.

Thanks Jesse! For more information on ZwickRoell Calibrations or the service department click here.