ZwickRoell to Exhibit Comprehensive Composites Testing Solutions at CAMX 2018

Innovative solutions offer a wide range of configuration options and testing under extreme temperatures.

ZwickRoell in Atlanta will display a wide spectrum of composites testing solutions at CAMX 2018. ZwickRoell industry experts will be on hand at booth R55 to demonstrate a 10 kN AllroundLine universal testing machine featuring body-over-wedge grips and makroXtens extensometer. 

The exhibit will also highlight a wide variety of tooling, grips, and fixtures specially designed to accommodate the broad range of tests required in the composites industry, including the interlaminar shear strength fixture, load bearing test tool, hydraulic composite compression fixture, 3- and 4- point flexure test kit for fiber composite materials, and compression test kit for end loading. 

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“ZwickRoell has developed solutions for composites that make testing easy. Our systems offer a wide range of configuration options, including an additional side testing area. Flexibility like this reduces overall testing time and minimizes the need for fixture changeovers,” explains Florian Liebert, managing director of ZwickRoell in Atlanta.

The AllroundLine system is able to perform more than 20 different types of composites tests in compliance with over 100 test standards. ZwickRoell’s industry-leading testXpert III test software supports a wide range of applications — from shear loading of composite sandwich specimens to open-hole compression testing — all in accordance with ASTM, ISO and DIN standards, as well as company-specific standards.

The makroXtens extensometer is a robust measuring system that can be used up to specimen break, even with high loads and brittle specimen material. With an integrated safety mechanism and rotatable knife edges, the operator and system are protected from specimen breakage. The makroXtens is known for its high resolution and the modular design makes it easy to remove sensor arms when not needed or in conjunction with a temperature chamber.

ZwickRoell is a leader in testing under extreme temperatures. The newly designed temperature chambers are fully integrated in the testing system and can test from -70°C up to +250°C. Moreover, they are perfectly compatible with ZwickRoell extension measurement systems, ensuring reliable test results for both optical and contact measurements. The chamber’s modular concept means the test setup can be adapted to suit the operator’s needs.

Further information on composites testing capabilities may be found here.