16x9 Software upgrade

Are Your Testing Software and Systems Ready for the End of Windows 7 Support?

Windows 7 support by Microsoft is ending in January 2020. To prepare for this change, many companies have already begun their transition to Windows 10. When upgrading to a new operating system, it is also critical that any software you are running on the Microsoft platform is compatible with Windows 10. This is no different for universal testing machine software. Use the rubric below to determine if you need to upgrade your testing software and if this might require an update of your controller as well.

In 2018 ZwickRoell introduced testXpert III, the newest generation of testing software. testXpert III is compatible with the latest Windows operating systems and is backed by the full support of ZwickRoell. An upgrade to testXpert III includes additional benefits such as improved workflow, integrated user management, and backward compatibility. To learn more about all of the benefits of upgrading to testXpert III, please view our Product Information sheet or visit our website. If you need a quote for upgrading or have further questions, please contact your Regional Sales Manager or email mailto:info.us@zwickroell.com.