ZwickRoell LTM Electrodynamic Testing Machine for Orthopedic and Dental Applications

The LTM by ZwickRoell is an electro-dynamic testing machine that utilizes patented linear motor technology to perform fatigue and endurance testing. The oil-free, electro-magnetic drive is ideal for materials sensitive to contamination, and the patented ventilation and cooling system keeps thermal influence to a minimum and will not affect room temperature. Previously limited to 5 kN and 10 kN capacities, the expansion of the LTM line now includes 1 kN, 2kN and 3 kN models. Other recent advancements of these machines include the ability to add a quasi-static torsion drive or temperature chamber. 

The smaller load capacities of the LTM electrodynamic testing machine make these systems ideal for the medical and electronics industries. Common applications include hip, joint, or dental implants, although these machines are suitable for any industry. A low moving mass responds quickly to inputs resulting in excellent positioning, precision, and accuracy. They can be operated at speeds from 1 mm per minute up to 1.5 meters per second. A piston stroke of 60 mm can accommodate most test requirements. The system’s crosshead is adjustable and a T-slot table is included to accommodate components testing.

Advantages of the LTM are:

  • High dynamic performance up to 100 Hz
  • Wide speed range
  • No additional pneumatic, coolant, or oil required
  • Motor-driven traverse adjustment
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Highest level of safety
  • Flexible use of specimen grips and fixtures

The intuitive testXpert R and testXpert III software accompanies these machines and allows for both static and dynamic testing capabilities. For more information visit our website or contact