Melt Flow Testing Supports the Fight Against Covid-19

Meltblown polypropylene (PP) is a non-woven fabric made of extremely fine, melt-spun microfibers. So-called meltblown PP can function as a filter which provides high filtration efficiency against very small particles. Meltblown PP can be found in a variety of medical applications including respirator masks as well as other non-woven, medical protective clothing.

For quality assurance of the raw material an extrusion test is performed. The volume flow index (MVR) of these polymers typically lies between 1200 and 2000 cm³/10 min. Such a high MVR value requires a sophisticated instrument to accurately and repeatably measure test results.

With the Mflow, ZwickRoell offers the right instrument to address this challenge. The Mflow can be outfitted with a die plug that ensures the material stays in the barrel during the preheat time. Once the test begins, the die plug is removed from the barrel, the material begins to flow, and a travel transducer automatically records the MVR. These accessories on the Mflow ensure accurate and repeatable results of high MVR polymers like meltblown PP.

Watch our video for more information.