Efficient, Safe, and Cost-Effective Impact Testing with the Redesigned ZwickRoell HIT450P

 During testXpo 2018 in Ulm, Germany, last October, ZwickRoell unveiled the redesigned HIT450P pendulum impact tester. This 450-Joule impact tester is suitable for Charpy, Izod, and other variousmetals impact tests. The HIT450P redesign builds on over 160 years of experience to ensure safe operation, repeatability of test results, and reduction of operating costs.

Metals impact testing requires a large amount of energy. To protect operators and the machine, ZwickRoell has incorporated multiple features to ensure safe operation. An updated rounded enclosure keeps operators safe from flying specimens and allows for faster broken specimen removal. Additionally, the electrical pendulum lift and electromagnetic pendulum release system are easy to use and provide safe operation. All doors are equipped with safety monitoring and cannot be opened during a test.

Pendelschlagwerk HIT450P

Repeatability and reliability of results is critical when purchasing test equipment, and the HIT450P offers multiple features to ensure your results are accurate. The impact tester features both an analog and electronic display so you can be confident your results are accurate, even when a material has a large scatter. High-resolution electronics enable compliant tests to as low as 1.5 Joules.

Specimen insertion is quick and efficient thanks to integrated specimen alignment devices, specimen-specific tongs, and ease of operation. This is especially critical when testing low temperature specimens that must be inserted and tested within five seconds of removal from the cooling bath. The semi-automatic centering of specimens reduces test cycle times while also increasing repeatability.

To save on maintenance costs, wear to tups and anvils can be reduced by selecting the correct steel grade for these components. ZwickRoell offers special materials for even the most demanding applications.  

For high testing volumes, an optional patented Charpy fixture with four-way reversible anvils is available. These patented designs reduce operation costs because the anvils maybe rotated four times before replacements are required. Similarly, a patented Izod fixture with increased stiffness is also available for high specimen throughput.

Further benefits of a ZwickRoell HIT450P include a standard compliant base, stiff components with low friction motion, and easy-to-use optional testXpert III software. For more information on the HIT450P, visit our website or contact info.us@zwickroell.com.