Running Together Virtually Unites ZwickRoell Employees and Customers for a Common Goal

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Along with offering customers outstanding consultancy and services in materials testing, a healthy lifestyle is also top priority at ZwickRoell. The ZwickRoell in North America Strava Running Club is one way ZwickRoell employees, partners and customers are staying healthy and staying in touch during these times of social distancing.  

To warm up for this year’s corporate-wide ZwickRoell Runs the World challenge starting July 30, the Group’s US, Canadian and Mexican teams have joined forces. They are virtually running from Kennesaw, GA, via Ulm, AR (fun fact: ZwickRoell HQ is located in Ulm, Germany), to Mexico City prior to the big event—a distance of 1,991 miles.  

The idea to create a Strava running club was a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. “I noticed more and more people outside exercising as shelter-in-place orders were given and thought this would be the ideal way to stay healthy while supporting each other virtually,” explains Florian Liebert, Managing Director ZwickRoell in North America.  

Erwin Leitz, Managing Director ZwickRoell in Mexico, and his team are also active participants. “This warm-up event is a great way to get some exercise, especially during the current Covid-19 situation, and gives us a chance to work as a team toward a common objective.”  

The club, which was started on June 15, is growing in participants daily and is open to employees, partners, customers, and all sports enthusiasts alike. Dr. Demófilo Maldonado Cortés, Professor of Engineering at the University of Monterrey, shares, “Thanks to the initiative, I have been motivated to exercise every day. I have felt better and have lost some weight to the point that I have now reached a healthy body mass index.”  

Damian Siela, Pharmaceutical Device Engineer at a ZwickRoell customer site and one of the team's most enthusiastic runners explains, "Fitness has played an important role in my life, as I continuously work to improve myself and others. This challenge is a great opportunity to further that goal and to work together for a great cause. It’s nice to see the team progress in the weekly updates and to learn how people are getting their miles in." 

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The team is running a virtual course that stretches from just north of Atlanta southbound to Mexico City. Participants regularly post pictures and updates, and each week the number of miles ran, walked, or hiked are tallied so they can see their progress.   

The warm-up event will be followed by the 4th annual ZwickRoell Runs the World Charity Run this summer. It starts July 30 and lasts 60 days with participants logging their miles to achieve 100,000 km. Once the goal is met, ZwickRoell will donate to charities supporting the fight against Covid-19.  

Anyone can join the club. Run, walk, or hike with ZwickRoell!