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ZwickRoell Supports the Thin Film Packaging Industry

The thin film industry is an important part of daily life. From sterile medical applications to keeping food fresh or protecting solar panels, thin films are a necessity of modern life. Plastic films can range from cost-effective commodity plastics to complex, multi-layer films with varying layered properties. Throughout the production and processing of plastics films, ZwickRoell offers support in attaining critical material properties.

For raw material checks, ZwickRoell extrusion plastometers ensure that the material is suitable for processing conditions. Determining the melt index of the raw material is often a key step in an incoming goods inspection.

After material processing, a ZwickRoell Universal Testing Machine can perform a variety of required mechanical tests. The stress-strain characteristics, adhesion forces, coefficients of friction, or flexure properties can be determined in varying force ranges. All of ZwickRoell’s test accessories, from grips to load cells, are engineered and produced in Germany. Switching between tests is quick and efficient and ZwickRoell’s testXpert III software is simple to configure.

The toughness or puncture resistance of a film is important for certain applications. For this, ZwickRoell offers impact testing equipment. These instruments include pendulum impact machines for Izod or Charpy pendulum impact or tensile impact. Also available are drop weight testers for multiaxial puncture tests. All ZwickRoell instruments are also supported by testXpert III software, making training easy and intuitive.

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