Securely Connected – Cable Manufacturer Relies on Testing Technology from ZwickRoell

Austrian-based Feller GmbH, is an internationally successful, mid-sized, family-owned company in the electrical industry. Feller GmbH's core products are power cord assemblies for electronic devices used in a wide range of industries. 10% of the company's annual sales is invested in research and development. Among its R&D activities, Feller decided to use a portion to purchase a testing machine from ZwickRoell.

Feller GmbH manufactures a variety of power cords for all types of electronic devices. The cables must adhere to strict quality standards; in addition to meeting electrical requirements, their mechanical properties must be checked as well. For this purpose, Feller opted for a zwickiLine testing machine (Fmax 2.5 kN) from ZwickRoell.

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The single-column testing machine is used to perform tensile tests and tear-out tests on power cords. These tests are designed to ensure that tensile force on the cable does not damage the internal plug connections. In order to clamp the cable securely in the testing machine, a special specimen grip with 180° deflection is installed to guarantee that the cable will not break during clamping/gripping which would distort the test result.

Thanks to the modular design, various types of specimen grips can be mounted and further tests can be performed, for example tensile tests on individual stranded wires or tear-out tests on plug connections. The testing machine is operated via testXpert III testing software and the test results can be exported into all commonly used formats.