Composites industry partner relies on ZwickRoell technology

In 2007 GMA-Werkstoffprüfung GmbH opened its CFRP test center in the northern German town of Stade in the heartland of the German composites industry, underlining the company’s specialization in test procedures for carbon-fiber-reinforced products. GMA is an active member of CFK Valley and an ideal provider of quality assurance and testing. The company uses modern testing technology by ZwickRoell for this work.

As a service company providing materials testing, quality assurance and engineering, GMA regards quality as its top priority. Delivering its services with the necessary precision calls for expertise and, most importantly, the right equipment. GMA relies on the versatility and freedom from downtime of its testing machines, making ZwickRoell machines an obvious choice.

With its ZwickRoell AllroundLine testing machines GMA can cater for all established standards (ASTM, ISO, Boeing, Airbus). The properties of fiber composite materials are strongly dependent on fiber direction, fiber and matrix materials and the fiber-matrix bond, so that a range of tests are required to characterize all the relevant properties. GMA uses a variety of ZwickRoell test fixtures to perform more than 10 different tests (tensile, flexure, shear etc.) on composite materials. The tests are carried out up to a maximum force of 250kN, both at room temperature and in a temperature chamber (-70 to +250°C).

The testing machines feature a high degree of adaptability, enabling them to be used for a wide range of tests. This is enhanced by easy-to-use software which simplifies the creation of test instructions for GMA. High precision combined with a high level of robustness makes these the ideal machines for everyday testing.

“The reflection of customers’ requirements in new developments is of particular note. Special solutions are developed and designed according to use. This service lends even greater depth to our collaboration with ZwickRoell and is an important element of it,” explains Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Zahab, Laboratory Manager ZP.