ZwickRoell Provides High-Capacity Testing Machine to One of the Largest Turkish Steel Producers

Icdas is one of the largest industrial companies in Turkey, with steel production as the company's most important business division. Aside from wire rods, Icdas primarily produces steel for the construction industry. To guarantee efficient quality assurance for this extensive product portfolio, Icdas opted for an electromechanical high-capacity testing machine from ZwickRoell.

Icdas produces wire rods and concrete steel for various applications. Due to the company's wide range of products (specimen diameters from 5 to 60 mm), it was important that they procure a flexible testing machine that could perform tests on all of their products.


ZwickRoell was able to provide an ideal solution with a Z2500ES high-capacity testing machine (Fmax 2,500 kN) featuring a side test area. Key features at a glance:

  • Covers a large force range with only one machine without using any conversion parts, 200 N to 100 kN in the side test area and 5 kN to 2,500 kN in the main test area
  • Hydraulic parallel grips for large specimen diameters with high-strength jaw inserts
  • Initial measurement range of up to 500 mm including automatically centering the specimen and setting the gauge length via the multiXtens extensometer and option to use in both test areas
  • Maintenance-free drive with high positioning accuracy and control quality for strain-controlled tests to ISO 6892-1

Due to the flexible insertion options of the testing machine, specimens from neighboring companies are also tested at Icdas on their behalf.