Individual Testing Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Mobility of the future will entail tremendous change for the automotive industry and its suppliers. To meet the individual testing requirements of customers in the automotive industry, ZwickRoell offers a flexible, modular system based on the AllroundLine testing machine (Fmax 250 kN) for a range of automotive tests.

Research and development, as well as production-related quality control will feature modified testing requirements for lightweight construction, electric drives, and battery technology. Therefore, a large manufacturer of electric motors is utilizing multiple AllroundLine testing machines in production for the economic optimization of its manufacturing processes. Flexible, customized fixtures test the assembly processes of stator housings and rotors and determine the joining strength during the press-fitting process. Key data is automatically saved in the QA system and used to optimize production.

AllroundLine Z250 for rim testing
Individual testing solutions for the automotive industry
Another manufacturer is using an AllroundLine testing machine in the area of quality control to perform dismantling tests on assembled electric motors. First, the motor is secured in an adaptable fixture. Then the various parts attached to the electric motor are dismantled using specially adapted test tools. ZwickRoell's customized software solution guides the user through the test step by step and guarantees a complete and efficient testing process. The determined force and deformation values are automatically compared with the parameters stored in the system and documented. Implementing the testing system enabled the manufacturer to significantly reduce the failure rate due to loose components or assemblies. "ZwickRoell currently supplies every other testing machine to the automotive industry with customized adaptations," explains Aleksander Koprivc, Automotive Industry Manager at ZwickRoell. "These range from special mechanical fixtures to the integration of external measuring systems to safety devices for testing lithium ion batteries."