Intelligent testing solutions for high performance fasteners

Producing fasteners for the aerospace, aircraft, exploration, defense and motorsport industries requires a greater focus on quality and material selection to meet high performance expectations. These fasteners must withstand the demands of wear and corrosion resistance, repeated strength and temperature cycles, variations in dynamic loads and high vibration levels.
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Johann Maier, a leading German manufacturer of high performance fasteners, relies exclusively on sophisticated manufacturing processes such as hot forging, heat treatment and thread rolling. These processes ensure that the products have optimum mechanical and functional properties – to keep you safe. The materials and components used are subjected to the strictest requirements. Johann Maier vouches for their quality, thanks to meticulous destructive and non-destructive testing procedures.

“We call it proven security. So if we guarantee maximum quality, the highest degree of precision and the complete safety of our products, we have to test them, “ states Dr. Oliver Lang, managing director at Johann Maier.

After inspection of the chemical composition they are using static and dynamic test machines as well as various different kinds of hardness testers to evaluate and guarantee mechanical material and component properties as required. Selection of the type of hardness test is often influenced by end-customer requirements, as hardness measurements are commonly reported values on specification sheets accompanying the delivery of manufactured goods.

“We have made a name for ourselves in the world of motorsport, aircraft, and aerospace industries with more than 35 years of experiences. ZwickRoell is our perfect partner for the destructive testing requirements,” explains Dr. Lang.

The universal testing machines with the intuitive but high-sophisticated testing software cover the complete range of forces for testing our high performance fasteners and bolts. The required hardness tests are done with the universal hardness tester ZHU250CL. The hardness tester with closed-loop force application covers the tests according to Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell as standard. By having all test results available in the ZwickRoell’s universal testing software it keeps training requirements for different testing machines and instruments to a Minimum.

Altogether they get reliable test results, which are essential to satisfy the needs of the aerospace and motorsports industry sectors.
“ZwickRoell provides an excellent service, which makes us ourselves quick, flexible and continually reliable for our customers,” Dr. Langs sums up the partnership with ZwickRoell.

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