King Saud University Riyadh: ZwickRoell equips laboratory with creep testing machine

The King Saud University in Riyadh is the leading university in Saudi Arabia and enjoys an outstanding reputation throughout the Arab world in the fields of academic education, research and development. The university has moved to ensure continued availability of state-of-the-art creep testing technology by obtaining a new Kappa DS creep testing machine from ZwickRoell.

Creep testing is more important than ever for the development of high-performance materials. Continuing increases in the combustion efficiency of IC engines and power stations, with the aim of improving energy efficiency, are achieved by operating them at ever higher pressures and temperatures. As a consequence the components and materials used in them are being subjected to ever greater mechanical and thermal loads. An essential requirement during development of these high-temperature-resistant materials is material characterization via creep tests.

The universities have an important role in the development of these new materials and the creep testing machine at the King Saud University will be mainly used for research work in close collaboration with industrial concerns.

The Kappa DS creep testing machine features a double-lead screw and a flexible test area and is primarily employed for ’short-term’ creep tests with loading times up to 10,000 hours. As well as tensile creep tests (constant load and temperature) the machine can be used for relaxation tests (constant strain and temperature).

Key test parameters in creep tests are exact and constant mechanical and thermal loading of the specimen. Control of these parameters is via testControl measurement and control electronics, testXpert II testing software and an automatic 3-zone high-temperature controller.