ZwickRoell Modernizes Testing Machine for Ski Equipment Manufacturer

Whether traveling at 140 km/h on the world's most difficult downhill course in Kitzbühel, at the Freeski Worldcup, at Mont-Blanc or powder snow skiing in the Rocky Mountains, the demand for reliability and functionality in ski equipment is constantly increasing. The leading manufacturer of innovative binding systems, Marker, relies on ZwickRoell as its trusted partner when it comes to quality assurance.
Test stand Marker

Regardless of whether it is the “Streif” champion Dominik Paris or an ambitious hobby skier, both must be able to rely on their ski equipment 100%. For this reason, Marker has continuously invested in the areas of quality assurance and product development at its development facility in the Bavarian town of Penzberg.

Marker commissioned ZwickRoell to modernize a servohydraulic test stand to ensure it was sufficiently equipped for future testing situations as well as to make operating the system easier while increasing flexibility at the same time. ZwickRoell modernized this test portal with Control Cube digital measurement and control electronics. Furthermore, the Schenck testing actuator was overhauled by ZwickRoell and the existing hydraulic power pack was serviced (oil, filter, and hose replacement).

Using the Cubus software, different test sequences can now be defined and implemented easily. For the test, a ski segment was gripped in the testing machine and then the ski binding was cyclically loaded.