Leading Manufacturer of Packaging Products Relies on Testing Solution from ZwickRoell

Requirements for packaging in the food industry are continuously increasing. Packaging products have a great impact on the quality of the contents and also influence consumer purchasing decisions. Being able to meet both expectations puts high demands on product development. To live up to the high quality requirements of customers in the food industry a leading international packaging products manufacturer has chosen a testing system from ZwickRoell.

The manufacturer’s products range from monolayer film for confectionaries and detergents to aluminum-based high barrier packaging for food and animal feed. An important quality characteristic for food industry packaging is delamination strength.

As part of a customer project, the determination of the delamination strength of two films under elevated temperature was requested. This prompted the company to choose a testing machine (Fmax 5 kN) with temperature chamber from ZwickRoell. The temperature chamber supports test temperatures of -80 to +250 °C and, if needed can be easily pushed out of the test area to allow for testing at room temperature.

One important deciding factor for the manufacturer was the ability to traceably set the fan rotation speed via the testing software. The forces applied in the delamination test fall in the range of 1N—the specimen is very delicate, and strong airflow would falsify the test results.