On the Safe Side – ZwickRoell's New AllroundLine Testing Machine for Tensile Tests to ISO 6892-1

Reliable test results, operator safety, next-generation technology No other testing system on the market offers the same level of safety as the new AllroundLIne by ZwickRoell. The testing system is ideal for the testing of metals and is available in 42 different versions, from 5 kN to 250 kN. Furthermore, ZwickRoell's high-capacity machines with 28 versions and a force range of up to 2,500 kN enhance the testing product portfolio.
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Reliable Test Results

ZwickRoell's new AllroundLine provides accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility, as well as complete traceability of the determined results. One example of this is the solution package for testing to DIN ISO 6892-1. The testControl II measurement and control electronics with testXpert III testing software supports closed-loop strain rate control. Master Test Program ISO 6892-1 guides the user intuitively through an entire standard-compliant test with just a few mouse clicks.

Both state-of-the art non-contact systems and typical extensometers, such as the automatically attached makroXtens extensometer with large measurement range and high resolution, can be used to measure strain. Closed-loop strain rate control at lower strains must be measured with extreme precision from the very start. makroXtens is calibrated at the factory from a measurement travel of 20 µm and satisfies accuracy class 0.5 to EN ISO 9513 for this value and above. Furthermore, makroXtens has proven itself many times over to be a very robust strain gage in daily use. It can measure strain at a high resolution beyond uniform strain up to break, without incurring any damage. The hydraulic specimen grips ensure that specimens are held securely from the start. The adjustable gripping force and thus the correct traction prevent slip-stick effects, especially in the important phase of the test during elastic deformation with transition to plastic deformation. In addition, correct traction from the start significantly reduces the wear on grip inserts.

Highest level of safety The statutory safety requirements of the EC Machinery Directive are implemented in all ZwickRoell testing machines and an CE Declaration of Conformity is provided. Only the latest safety technology and proven industrial components are used. The highest degree of safety for the operator, specimen material, and testing system are guaranteed.

Ready for the next generation A modular design means that the testing system can be retrofitted or upgraded whenever required. From specimen grips to extensometers, temperature conditioning devices to sample handling systems, the AllroundLine is customizable. testControl II measurement and control electronics is compatible with the next generation of ZwickRoell software. Even after a product has been discontinued, spare parts remain available for a minimum of 10 years.

Ergonomics The new AllroundLine sets new standards in ergonomics. A universal machine concept makes the workstation highly ergonomic.

  • Easy height adjustment of fixed crosshead for convenient working height
  • Optimal lighting of the entire test area due to modern, integrated light
  • Customizable workstation thanks to numerous accessories and T-slots on the frame for customer-specific applications