New HIT Pendulum Impact Testers for Polymer Testing

Together with tensile and flexure tests, Charpy impact tests are the most frequently performed mechanical tests in the polymer industry. With its new HIT series pendulum impact testers ZwickRoell offers a high-precision and cost-effective solution for tests including Charpy (ISO 179-1) or Izod (ISO 180).
HIT Pendulum Impact testers
Pendulum impact tester with user
Particularly noteworthy are the large touch screen and the carbon double-rod pendulums. With the touch display the pendulum impact testers are fully functional without a PC connection, but if needed users can easily switch between instrument and PC. Even the familiar user management option from testXpert III can be used on the stand-alone instrument and allows for the adaptation of input options to the particular needs of the user. The carbon double-rod pendulums provide a high level of stiffness in the impact direction and a strong concentration of mass at the point of impact. Thereby the energy loss from natural vibrations is drastically reduced. Each pendulum is equipped with a quick-change device and can be replaced in only a few steps. The HIT pendulum impact tester identifies the pendulum being used through electronically readable coding, and always determines the measured values in the correct range and according to the applicable standard.

There is also the option to perform instrumented impact tests. In this case the pendulum is equipped with a force sensor and fast measured value acquisition, which records up to 4 million force and time values per second. Along with the impact energy value, it is possible to plot other data, for example the force and flexure curve or fracture mechanic characteristics. Pendulum impact testers are available in different versions, from 5 to 50 joules. Upon request, the testing system can be equipped with an automatic specimen feeder. This not only reduces operator influence on the test result, but also significantly increases specimen throughput. At a glance:

  • Pendulum impact testers for standard compliant testing to Charpy, Dynstad, Izod and impact tensile method A/B
  • Operation directly on the instrument via the touch screen or on the PC with a standardized surface
  • Easy change of pendulum and automatic pendulum identification
  • Instrumented pendulum tests provide additional material characteristics