New hydraulic power packs from ZwickRoell

There is a constantly growing demand for dynamic testing machines for use in standardized quality assurance testing as well as in R&D. ZwickRoell’s response to this demand over the last few years has included a complete revision of three testing machine ranges - HA/HB and HC (5 to 2,500kN) - together with its hydraulic power-packs for servo-hydraulic testing machines (20 to 270 liters/min).

DSC_8806_without background

All power packs are fitted with a variable-capacity pump which uses only the amount of electrical power needed to maintain the required flow-rate at any given moment. A state-of-the-art SPS unit controls all processes and monitors areas such as oil pressure, oil temperature, oil level and filters, while cooling is via an oil-water heat-exchanger. The power packs are multiple-operation-ready and customized sound insulation is also optionally available.