Safely Packaged – Food Manufacturer Relies on Testing Solution from ZwickRoell

Packaging has a great impact on the quality of its contents and also influences consumer purchasing decisions. Both factors represent major challenges for product design, especially where food packaging is concerned. To meet both these challenges, one of the world's leading food manufacturers opted for an innovative testing solution from ZwickRoell.

The 90° peel test on packaging is one of the most common tests in the field of food packaging. This type of test is used to determine adhesive/welding properties such as bond and tear strength. There are many peel and tear tests that use the same principle. Examples: EN 1939, EN 1719, DIN 30646, DIN 55475, DIN 55477, FINAT test method no. 2.

In addition to testing dimensionally stable packages such as yogurt cups, the test is also performed on unstable packaging (e.g. for meat or fruit). In this case the packaging is placed in a suitable mold and held in position via a vacuum. The opening flap of the cover foil is gripped in a screw clamp. For reproducible test results, you must ensure that the separation point is always in the test axis. To accomplish this, the mounting of the base body is tracked via a carriage.

This test fixture is integrated into a zwickiLine materials testing machine (Fmax 1 kN) that can also be used for performing other tests on packaging materials. The set up, execution, and evaluation are handled by the intuitive testXpert III testing software. The results are directly transferred into the food manufacturer's laboratory database.