Reliable Materials and Components Testing in ZwickRoell Testing Laboratory

Quality testing on your behalf: A team of qualified test engineers and materials testers at the ZwickRoell laboratory in Ulm, Germany can ensure quality externally through wide-ranging quasi-static, cyclic, and dynamic impact tests. At the same time, customers can witness how their specimens behave via live Transmission.
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Expertise for your test
If bottlenecks occur during materials testing, for example, because the machinery needs an addition, ZwickRoell offers assistance through its quick and standard-compliant implementation of customer tests. A team of qualified test engineers and materials testers perform wide-ranging quasi-static, cyclic, and dynamic impact tests on the customer's behalfin specially equipped testing laboratories. Expertise and access to an extensively equipped state-of-the-art testing laboratory ensure the efficient individual implementation of customer tests. We even ensure that special test sequences that are freely defined are implemented professionally and in compliance with factory standards and special regulations.

Comprehensive testing options
With over 50 testing machines and instruments, ZwickRoell has one of the largest laboratories for contract testing in Europe. This machine pool covers all the common mechanical tests for materials and components testing. Customized tests can also be performed using the flexible test tools and fixtures. In addition to testing machines for quasi-static loading, testing instruments for quick and standard-compliant determination of hardness, melt flow indexes, and impact strength are available. Fatigue tests can be performed with Vibrophores as well as with servo-hydraulic testing machines. The tests can be performed at ambient temperature or in a temperature range from –60°C to 1200°C. There is also a modular test bed with portal frames available, with which even large and oversized component tests can be performed on behalf of the customer.
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Track your test live
The testing laboratories at ZwickRoell in Ulm feature state-of-the-art multimedia technology and are equipped with everything necessary for web conferencing. Customers from around the world can tune in live while tests are running and witness their specimen's behavior with their own eyes (and ears). Customers can ask questions and comment on the test sequence during the transmitted test, and at the end can discuss the test result with the responsible team member. In contrast to receiving a simple test report, customers get a more sophisticated picture of how their specimens are being tested and when and how the material failure occurred.

This new practice offers international customers in particular the opportunity, for the first time ever, to regularly participate in contract testing or pre-testing. Multiple participants can tune into the conference and follow the tests audio-visually, without having to travel long distances.

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Materials and Components Testing Laboratory

A team of qualified test engineers and materials testing technicians perform wide-ranging quasi-static, cyclic, and dynamic impact tests at ZwickRoell laboratories in Ulm on the customer's behalf.