Global partner for reliable test results - SAPA opts for ZwickRoell testing technology

The Norwegian sompany Sapa is the world leader in aluminium solutions and its extruded aluminum profiles are used in many different industries. Sapa has chosen ZwickRoell as its global materials testing partner and will be using testing machines supplied by the Ulm (Germany)-based manufacturer at some 40 locations around the world.
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Reliable test results are a fundamental goal in any quality control and materials testing operation. Particularly when products are used in safety-related areas, dependable testing systems delivering reliable test results are an essential requirement. This is why Sapa, the leading global supplier of aluminum solutions, has chosen ZwickRoell to equip its testing laboratories around the world.

SAPA aims to standardize all mechanical materials test methods at all its worldwide sites over a two-year period. The installation of ZwickRoell testing systems throughout the network is an important step in Sapa´s strategy of developing a new industry standard for quality-testing aluminum profiles.

As a first step Sapa Extrusion North America installed modern ZwickRoell materials testing machines for metal tensile tests in its factories in the USA. Sapa makes extensive use here of AllroundLine materials testing machines (Fmax 100 kN or 250 kN) with double-actuator hydraulic grips and makroXtens extensometers. The machines are equipped with a second test area in which compression or flexure tests can be performed. The solutions provided by ZwickRoell also cover upstream and downstream processes. Thus specimens are measured automatically before tests by a cross-section measuring device; the specimen geometry data is then fed directly into the testing system. testXpert testing software facilitates efficient processing and export of test data.

As part of the global quality strategy the first testing machines were installed in factories in Europe at the end of last year. More machines will follow in Asia in mid-2017. As well as materials testing machines, Sapa also uses ZwickRoell hardness testing machines for quality assurance and product development.

In spite of all the technological and software support and attempts to reduce operator influence, reliable test results are only attainable with well-trained laboratory staff. Sapa has therefore launched an extensive training program for its quality- and laboratory staff. One part of this program is a series of individually tailored machine training courses at ZwickRoell's Ulm (Germany) site.

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