Rigorous Plastics Testing

As an automotive supplier, SFS Components must deliver premium quality products. To ensure that SFS meets this demand, they have opted for materials testing machines from ZwickRoell — this decision has opened the Korneuburg-based company up to a whole new world of orders and opportunities.
SFS Components
The SFS location in Korneuburg is a subsidiary of the Swiss company SFS Group AG, which is headquarted in Heerbrugg in the canton of St. Gallen. SFS is a worldwide leader for mechanical fastening systems and precision formed components. The Korneuburg factory primarily manufactures plastic injection molding parts for the automotive industry that are found in engine management or in restrain systems, brakes and other areas of active and passive safety. Quality standards in the automotive industry are high and suppliers are required to hold certifications according to automotive-specific standards. That is why having a partner with expertise and years of experience like SFS is so important. To fulfill the specified deformation test requirements, the previously used 5 kN materials testing machine was supplemented with an additional, more powerful testing machine. Not least due to its readily available testing machine, ZwickRoell was their first point of contact. They decided on a ProLine series machine with a maximum test load of of 30 kN. Both testing machines can be controlled via PC. The combination of hardware and software offers double the benefit. testXpert III testing software is clearly and logically structured and guides the operator from test preparation to performance to results analysis, significantly reducing training time and quickly assuring the user. Assurance played an important factor in another area as well: ZwickRoell guarantees spare parts availability for a minimum of 10 years after a product has been discontinued. Depending on availability, this timeframe may be extended for another five years, which greatly exceeds industry requirements.