Dynamic Testing of Plastics—Solvay Relies on Testing Solutions from ZwickRoell

Solvay is a leading international chemical company, serving customers in numerous industries, including the automotive, construction, and electrical industries. Providing customer satisfaction worldwide as well as delivering quality products and solutions are top priorities for Solvay. As a result, the company is committed to continuously investing in materials development. For their testing laboratory in the French city of Saint Fons, Solvay opted for a testing machine from ZwickRoell.
LTM10 with TEE

Particularly in the automotive industry, plastic components are continuously subject to dynamic loading. To guarantee the raw materials have high longevity, they must already be tested for durability as part of the product development. Solvay opted for an LTM10 electrodynamic testing machine from ZwickRoell to perform these tests.

The plastic specimens are force-controlled on the LTM until failure at a maximum test frequency of 10 Hz. In addition to testing with the machine, a camera system that Solvay already owns can be connected. With the camera system and a sprayed pattern on the specimen, local deformations during cyclic loading of the specimen can be recorded.

LTM 10 specimen

The testing machine is also equipped with a ZwickRoell temperature chamber, which can be easily integrated into the testing machine if necessary. This enables the characterization of plastic specimens in a temperature range of -80°C to +250°C.

Operation of the testing machine, including temperature control and integration of the camera is handled via the testXpert testing software. Static tensile tests can be performed with the testing machine as well.