High Performance Testing – Motorsport Company Relies on ZwickRoell's Testing Technology

Numerous automobile manufacturers participate in different motorsport leagues to not only enhance their image but also to test their components under extreme conditions. They also use the knowledge they gain through tests to develop series models that are suitable for customer racing. One of the largest automotive manufacturers will soon use a ZwickRoell testing system to assist in product development.

With a focus on customer sport activities, the manufacturer relies on standard components from different motorsport series, which must be designed for higher, motorsport loads. One R&D activity is therefore to evaluate the material and component design for these types of demands. To test various valve springs, the manufacturer chose a ZwickRoell testing system.

Motorsport-durable valve springs are noted for there extremely high-quality material structure. The spring force and thus the motor's performance must be able to withstand even the most intense motorsport loads. Along with dynamic projections, mechanical tests to determine spring characteristics are absolutely necessary.

The manufacturer uses a precision spring compression test kit together with a zwickiLine one-column testing machine from ZwickRoell for reliable spring testing. The kit is extremely transverse force-resistant and protects against overload. The grounded, demagnetized compression platens have a parallel alignment accuracy of 1 μm / 10mm and precision guides permit only precise vertical movement of the compression platens. Measuring errors caused by deformation or lateral forces of the springs are reduced to a minimum thanks to the extremely stiff load cell, which is resistant to transverse forces. The corresponding testXpert test program is specially designed for tests of this nature, and the precision spring compression test kit offers exceptional capabilities in spring testing.