Static applications on dynamic testing machines

Modern laboratories and institutes, whether in research, training or industry, increasingly find themselves confronted with frequently changing testing requirements.

This has led to an increased demand for flexible testing machines able to cope with both dynamic and static testing requirements.

HA100 with makro

Due to their design, servo-hydraulic testing machines and, in particular, Vibrophores, have so far been used exclusively as dynamic materials testing machines for determining the fatigue strength of materials and components with regard to fatigue life and fatigue limit in the tensile, compression, pulsating load and alternating load ranges.

Now servo-hydraulic testing machines, together with the new generation of Vibrophores, can be used for both dynamic and static applications.

The intelligent testControl II measurement and control electronics have a control frequency of 10kHz, providing rapid response to events during tests combined with a high measured-value acquisition-rate. Together with 24-bit resolution, this enables very precise measurements.

The crucial advantage is that both types of machines can be used as fully fledged static and dynamic materials testing machines capable of using the full scope of ZwickRoell's well-proven testXpert II testing software and application-specific testXpert R dynamic testing software.