testXpert III - new software with intuitive, workflow-oriented operation

ZwickRoell‘s new testXpert III testing software offers an intuitive and workflow-oriented operating concept for materials testing machines, enabling efficient testing from simple standardized tests to demanding research and development requirements. This latest development is the result of close collaboration with users in materials testing and over 30,000 testXpert installations.
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A restructured user interface with large, informative icons simplifies orientation and enables rapidentry into testing. All test-related settings are grouped logically and are separated from higher-level system settings. Intelligent user management enables different user roles to be specified, so that individual operators can only perform actions specified in their user profile. This simplifies operation and reduces familiarization time and input errors.

The clear, logically structured workflow guides the operator all the way through test preparation, performance and results analysis. A clearly identifiable visual link exists between all related content, ensuring fast, easy orientation.

The proven testXpert test environment concept allows all relevant machine and safety settings such as crosshead position, fixture separation and sensor configuration to be saved and assigned to a freely definable test environment. This means that saved test environments can be recreated following a change of test arrangement, so that tests can be performed using identical settings.

testXpert III communicates directly with all relevant IT systems, allowing secure, reliable data import and export. With over 600 Standard test programs and a graphical sequence editor for generating non-standardized test sequences, ZwickRoell’s testing software covers the entire spectrum of materials and component testing.