Brazilian university relies on ZwickRoell testing technology

The comprehensive mechanical characterization of thin films or small surface areas with the necessary force resolution and displacement resolution is a key area of research at universities around the world. To this end a University in Brazil has recently begun using a ZHN universal nanomechanical tester by Zwick Roell.
ZHN Zoom
The ZHN is used among other things to determine the indentation modulus and Martens hardness as per ISO 14577 (instrumented indentation test) on very thin films and surfaces.
The Institute at this Brazilian university uses the ZHN to investigate variation in the mechanical properties of coatings and thin films. Areas of research here include surface modification of metal alloys by plasma nitrates, the development of titanium oxide films for biomaterials and of films for protection against corrosion and wear. Hardness tests, scratch tests and contact fatigue tests are used for investigation of mechanical properties.

The versatile software with multiple different functions enables various tests to be performed with just a single testing system. Operation of the instrument is highly intuitive, allowing even new employees and students to be familiarized with it very easily.