Vibrophores with 25 and 50 kN Expand Lower Force Range Portfolio

ZwickRoell's Vibrophore series has been expanded to include forces of 50 and 25 kN, rounding out the existing portfolio. Typical applications include dynamic materials tests, such as fatigue and durability tests. ZwickRoell offers Vibrophores in sizes ranging from 25 to 1000 kN.
Modern laboratories and institutes, whether in research, training or industry, increasingly find themselves confronted with frequently changing testing requirements. ZwickRoell Vibrophores combine an electromagnetically activated dynamic testing machine with a full-fledged static testing machine, and now they are also available with forces from 25 to 1000 kN. Typical applications of dynamic materials testing include fatigue tests and durability tests on standard specimens, as well as production and quality control of components that are subjected to oscillating loads during their service lives. Classic examples include connecting rods, crankshafts, and screws. Vibrophores are based on the principle of a mechanical resonator with an electromagnetic drive. Their energy consumption equals just 2% of that of a servo-hydraulic testing machine and there is no need for any ancillary units for hydraulics, compressed air or water. The system is also maintenance-free due to its technical design and the use of wear-free components. Quasi-static tensile and compression tests on metallic standard specimens as well as fracture mechanics tests on CT and SEB specimens can also be performed with these testing machines. Now that ZwickRoell has expanded its series to include the Vibrophore 50 and Vibrophore 25, it offers a comprehensive portfolio of these "two in one" testing machines. The ability to test with lower force is especially beneficial when testing smaller materials and in smaller laboratories.

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