ZHN nanoindenter New testing option for thin films and coatings

The trend towards miniaturization of components has created a corresponding need for methods of determining the mechanical load capacity of thin films and coatings. Included in this are adhesive strength and wear. With the ZwickRoell nanoindenter characterization of films only a few µm thick is possible.
ZHN nanoindenter for tests on thin coatings2

Investigation of the mechanical properties of thin films and coatings has up to now been time-consuming and cost-intensive. ZwickRoell's ZHN nanoindenter offers a new, highly efficient solution. It is specifically tailored to testing the adhesive strength and wear of films and coatings, while its modular design allows it to cover a wide range of application. Tests involving forces up to 2N and indentation depths smaller than 0.2 µm are performed in accordance with ISO 14557-1.

An outstanding feature of the ZHN is that its two measuring-heads can be combined in any way required. Using the normal measuring-head the instrument functions as a depth-sensitive hardness tester in the micro range. The second, lateral, measuring-head, which similarly features resolution in the nano range, enables dynamic measurement in the lateral direction also. This combination increases the number of possible measurement procedures considerably. The instrument can be used as a micro scratch tester, micro wear tester, fatigue tester and high-resolution profilometer.

As force generation and force measurement are completely independent of each other, force and displacement control are both possible. External influences such as adhesive forces can also be detected. Other advantages include the excellent optics with high positioning accuracy and rapid measurement, as the use of two cameras for two magnifications eliminates the need for lens changes. The operator also has the advantage of support from the intuitive InspectorX software, which features individually tailored user rights, easy positioning and special algorithms for determining indenter area function and instrument stiffness.