Universal Testing Machine for Instrumented Indentation Tests

ZwickRoell invests in new technologies for die instrumented indentation testing. The ZHU/zwickiLine universal testing machine can be used for hardness testing as well as for materials testing, e.g. for tensile tests.
In hardness testing, classic methods to Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers are used most often. However, the modern method of instrumented indentation testing to ISO 14577, also known as Martens hardness, is gaining popularity, particularly in research and development and in industrial applications. Its advantage is that in addition to the hardness values, other parameters for determining material properties can be generated. The result obtained with the test is the continuous force/indentation-depth curve during the complete test cycle, regardless of material. The curve allows for more comprehensive descriptions of material properties such as indentation hardness, creep behavior, etc. The hardness measurement head for the new ZHU/zwickiLine testing machine covers all hardness tests employing indentation depth measurement. These include not only the Martens hardness, but also the Vickers and Brinell depth measurement, various Rockwell hardnesses, ball indentation hardness for plastics to ISO 2039-1, cyclical compression tests on ceramics and Vickers tests on ceramics.