Innovative temperature chambers for testing plastics and composites

Materials testing often involves the use of temperature chambers, as material properties change under the influence of temperature. Test temperatures are governed by the eventual area of use or by specific material properties. These new 'Made by ZwickRoell' temperature chambers impress through optimum matching of all system components, ensuring reliable test results combined with fast, easy handling.
The new ZwickRoell temperature chambers for tests 80 to 250 C

Optimum integration of the temperature chamber with ZwickRoell extensometry means that reliable test results are guaranteed, regardless of whether optical or contact-type measurement is used. All influences such as vibrations and streaking due to convection are minimized, while the optional LED lighting module enables optical measurement for change of width also. The requirements of standards such as ISO 527-1 and ASTM D638 are comfortably met. To avoid influencing test results for sensitive specimens such as films/foils, the fan speed can conveniently be adjusted via testXpert II during the test sequence.

All system functions feature convenient, intuitive operation via testXpert II testing software; the control layout adapts interactively to the test sequence and provides direct feedback. All data can be documented traceably with the test series. In addition, the temperature chamber adapts to your application; for example, when changing from a tensile test to a flexure test the appropriate control parameters for the test fixture can easily be called up. Rapid attainment of the exact test temperature is thus guaranteed, even with widely differing testing applications.

New features enable short cycle-times combined with low operating-costs and can be retrofitted as required. These include pre-tempering specimens in a specimen magazine, or rapid specimen changes with no significant reduction in temperature, achieved through a small access port in the door, while specimens can be aligned precisely and inserted quickly using special tongs.

The temperature chamber is suitable for tests on plastic elastomers and composites