CO2-neutral production by testing machine manufacturer

In 2014 ZwickRoell became the first materials testing machine manufacturer to compensate for its calculated greenhouse gas emissions through the purchase of carbon offset certificates. Future plans include a further expansion of this ecological commitment.
Renewable energies

To offset the calculated CO2 emissions from the company's main site in Ulm, Germany, ZwickRoell has become a member of the Vorarlberger Klimaneutralit├Ątsb├╝ndnis 2025 (Vorarlberg Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025). The Alliance compensates for CO2 emissions by means of high-quality (Gold Standard) carbon offset certificates for international projects such as afforestation programs in Costa Rica and Uganda or investments in wind energy in Taiwan. In 2014 ZwickRoell offset 4,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Included in this are direct and indirect emissions from ZwickRoell's Ulm plant (purchase of natural gas and heating oil, operation of company cars, electricity consumption) plus defined indirect emissions arising from the company's operations, such as business trips by rail or air, work journeys and catering.

ZwickRoell CEO Dr Jan Stefan Roell emphasizes that the company intends to continue this offset policy in the coming years and is looking to expand it.

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