The latest measurement and control technology from ZwickRoell

The core of any testing system is the measurement and control electronics. To cope with today’s demanding testing requirements, state-of-the art measurement and control technology is essential for both static and dynamic applications. ZwickRoell’s varied products provide the perfect solution.

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testControl II for servo-hydraulic testing machines

testControl II for dynamic testing machines also represents an investment in the future of measurement technology. testControl II for servo-hydraulic testing machines provides control of hydraulic linear or torsion testing actuators, both on a stand-alone basis and in a testing machine. High measured-value accuracy is guaranteed by 24-bit resolution and an AC-DC converter with 400kHz sampling rate. As an added bonus, control of all servo-hydraulic components, including servo valve, hydraulic power-pack and hydraulic control-units, is via the testControl II electronics, ensuring optimum system safety and reliability.

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testControl II for static testing systems

The new testControl II measurement and control electronics provide an ideal basis for precise, reproducible test results. Excellent measured-value accuracy combined with a large measurement-range is guaranteed by the high (24-bit) resolution and  AC-DC converter with 400kHz sampling-rate, while the 2kHz measured-value acquisition-rate enables fast measurement productswith maximum reproducibility regardless of the number of measurement channels. The system’s 8 slots allow additional sensors and measuring instruments to be connected to testControl II whenever required, with easy integration of external load cells, displacement transducers and strain-gage bridges via the intelligent sensor concept. testControl II is also ideal for modernizations - an investment for the metrological future!


Control Cube for retrofits to servo-hydraulic testing systems

Known as the ‘smallest controller in the world’, Control Cube is a real box of tricks and is ideal for retrofits or frequently changing testing requirements. When used in combination with Cubus testing software, the controller’s modular design allows it to be employed for complex individual testing situations. Control Cube can easily be expanded to up to 32 control channels to accommodate multi-channel applications whenever required. Block programs can be implemented for the test sequence, as well as advanced cyclic and ramp tests